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Call: (978) 413-2887
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3 Elements To Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring

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Looking to learn how to buy hardwood floor for your home? Below are some tips to help you make an educated decision.

It always helps to be prepared and educated before making a big purchase decision. Especially for something you'll be looking at and walking on for many years to come.

Hi my name is Steve Carolis, I'm writing this from the Carolis Flooring office,
and in this post I'll explain the top three factors you'll need to take into consideration
when buying a hardwood floor.

The three factors are:

  1. Color and species of the wood.
  2. Prefinished or unfinished wood
  3. And budget.

Color and Hardwood Species

Hardwood flooring means different things to different people. Some think of hardwood floor and see honey colored maple, while others envision rich red cherry wood or dark mahogany.

You can cut down the amount of time it takes you to choose your wood for you, just by deciding up front whether you want a lighter shade or darker shade wood.

A great way to help you decide is by taking a good look at the colors in the room or rooms where you want to place the new wood flooring and try to imagine what type of floor would look best with the furnishing, wall colors and overall decor.

Remember you can replace furnishings a lot easier than you can replace your wood floor. So make a decision that you'll be comfortable with for many years.

Once you have an idea of whether you like lighter or darker wood for your floor, stop by your local flooring store to see samples or call us to bring the sample to you, and learn more about the individual properties of different word species.

You may also need to decide whether you want to purchase unfinished or prefinished wood flooring for your home.

The Difference Between Prefinished and Unfinished Wood Flooring.

Prefinished wood is very popular choice do to it ease installation. Prefinished wood is expertly sanded, screamed, stained and encoded at the factory. It is then shipped to your home where can usually be installed by a professional installer
in a short time.

Some homeowners and builders however, prefer to purchase unfinished hardwood flooring. In this case the installation process is much longer and more cumbersome, because the wood must be finished on-site at your home. This involves a few refinishing steps in your home as well as a lot more time and effort on the part of the installers. But, is it consider one the best choices on the market, because the wood and finished product is of better quality.

Project Budget

For many homeowners budget is a very important consideration. The price of wood can vary significantly depending on the species. Width and link the planks and whether the wood is unfinished
or prefinished.

Cost: Prices typically range from three to seven dollars per square foot. The difference can really add up over the space of a large room or multiple rooms.

It will save you time on your decision process if you approach your local flooring store or professinal with a tentative budget in mind or at least a maximum number, this will help the flooring expert you speak with to steer you in the right direction and make better recommendations.


Thinking about these factors before visiting or calling your local flooring specialist will help you more easily make a decision that fits your flooring vision and budget.

If you happen to live in Western Massachusetts, we love to hear from you here at Carolis Flooring where our job is to put the perfect flooring under your feet.

Give us a call at 978-413-2887 I'll be happy to help you with your next flooring project.

Thanks for reading, I hope this article helped you craft a better decision.


Stain And Floor Sanding For Kitchen And Living Room In Rindge NH

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Today we finish a wood floor stain project in Maynard MA.. we sanded and refinished this house that is getting repair and remodel.

The hardwood floors that needed refinishing here were:

- The kitchen
- The front entrance hallway
- 3 closets
- The pantry
- The living room

Here are photos of the floor after stained but before coating:

As you can see the stain came out very good, which is a little tricky to do when the wood floor that is getting sanded is pre-finished.

Here are the pictures after floor got a final coat of poly:

Give us your opinion in the comment box below or leave any questions, I make sure to answer it as quick as I can.


5 Rooms And 2 Stairs: This Hardwood Floors Needed Serious Refinishing in Maynard MA

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This Is How The 5 Rooms And 2 Stairs of Hardwood Floors End Up After Our Refinishing Touches in Maynard MA.

These floors here in Maynard MA. were in very bad shape. The homeowners wanting to have the place fixed up for there son to keep the house in the family, which is great.

They helped us take the old carpet off, but usually, that means the area is gonna have many issues like:

- Nails and staples.
- Old glue from the carpet.
- Stains.
- And pieces of carpet pad sock on the floors.

The good thing was that they had their baseboards removed before we started sanding, which makes our job a lot easier and faster.

As you can see on the photos it came out great the client is very happy.

What Wood Floor Was Refinished.

Here some of the areas that sanding was done:

- Living room
- 3 Bedrooms
- Walking closet
- Inside staircase.
- Front entrance stairs
- And basement stairs

Here are more pictures:

Just like glass!

Let us know what you think, by commenting below.


3 Bedroom Got Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Touches in Gardner MA

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We just give finishing touch to 3 bedrooms with hardwood floors in Gardner MA.

These floors really needed sanding. Me and my team went there a gave this wood floor an improved view. Customer loves them because now they look like brand new out of the box.

Is a great feeling making people happy!

That's why I've been a wood floor refinishing professional for more than 20 years.

Here are more photos:

What do you think?

If you live in Gardner, western Massachusetts, or anywhere around and have any questions about floor sanding or installation please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us directly.


Before Pictures: 3 Rooms Floor Refinishing in 4th Street Leominster MA

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In this apartment house in 4th Street in Leominster MA, we were hired to refinish the hardwood floors on 2 bedrooms with closets, the upstairs hallway, and living room.

Floors were off level, and also had wax, which required a few extra steps and the right grid of sand paper for each machine to make sure it get sanded right.

Not really a problem for us, we deal with these type of issues all the time and are pros at dealing with them.

Check soon for the final product when all the floors are sanded and refinished. Also, after construction on the first level of this apartment house is finish we are going to be sanding it as well. 


Sanded Refinished Wood Floors: Here Are Some Of The Floors Done By Our Pros

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This is a quick example of some of the floors sanded and refinished by the Carolis Flooring team of professionals.


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